Thursday, January 12, 2012


Go without it for a bit and WOAH! Is salt salty!!!

Seriously. Quit eating salt for a day or two. The whole time, you will miss it terribly! And you will think to yourself how "this would taste soooo much better if I salted it". After a couple salt-free days, go out to eat. Where ever you want, I don't care. Order something. Eat it. Later, let me know how your lips and mouth feel. All dry, and chapped... Like you just ate salt itself.

And this "issue" is why I'm giving up on eating out. I ate out 2 times already. I don't have the same issues with my innards like I did with Chipotle ((and I'm choosing to blame dairy for that)), but I just don't feel "right". I can't explain it. Everything that I make and eat at home just makes me feel so incredibly good! I feel alert, energized, perky, uplifted, and full. Other food just doesn't pick me up quite the same.

Today's lunch is the first lunch I've attended ((with the same group of women)) where the people I was dining with were more important than the food I was eating. I ate food because I needed to eat. But I didn't leave my house to "eat food" as I have in the past. I left to spend time with my friends.

I'm not sweating lunch at all. Just not going to worry about it. I went for the right reasons, which was fellowship and conversation... To visit with my friends. (^^)