Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reset Day 7, End of Week 1!!

As of this morning, I weigh in at 220. I have lost a total of 12 pounds! ((Maybe 14 even, my scale is weird))
I could not find my measuring tape, and was in a bit of a hurry this morning. I will have my weight and measurements posted tomorrow morning for the start of my second week!

I'm very proud of myself, and my husband. I haven't been very "graceful" with the whole process. A lesser woman would've caved by now, A lesser man would've said "Here woman! Eat this McDonald's or I'm divorcing you!"

I'm burnt out. On veggies.

Yes, they're delicious. And yes, I do need this change. I just feel like I eat essentially the same day... It's rough. No, I am not hungry. Which is shocking to me! I figured I'd be STARVING. Nope. You don't have to go hungry to lose weight.

It's ok. I can make it another week! I'm actually counting down the days til I can have fruit regularly! Just 7 more!!

Popcorn is another thing that I miss. Steve and I discussed it. We're going to look for an air popper, get some butter flavored spray, and start having an at home movie night once a week. No, popcorn is not part of PINK. But if I take the fat and most of the sodium out of it, and if I go easy on the carbs that day ((we're allowed gluten free bread and whole grain cereal then too!)) I don't think it will undo everything I've worked so hard for.

Just one more week... 7 days...
'Til fruit, complex carbs, and WORKING OUT!

I can't wait to work out! I really can't! I'm SOOO READY!!
On that note, I'm sure I will gain a bit in the beginning. I probably won't lose as much as some of my PINK friends. In the past, my body has always been very muscular. That's why I've never worried too much about weight. I'm definitely looking forward to toning up, and losing several inches! And, just being more active. I hope to leave this program with the stamina and endurance to keep up the activity. Steve and I have discussed a YMCA membership, or even some martial arts classes for me once I complete PINK. I told him that I do better in a class environment... Because, in a class, I have to "show up"... I have an instructor and classmates to be accountable to. I'm hoping also through PINK, I'll learn to be accountable to myself, rather than other people.

I'm cooking as I'm writing this. I totally just burnt some garlic! It's ok. It wouldn't have tasted that good on the salad anyway :)