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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reset Day 2

Nothing gets you more excited and motivated than losing 4 pounds in a 24 hour period, and you haven't done a single thing! (^^)

Today has been great! Started my day with a mug of hot water and a wedge of lemon. I call it "lemon tea", even though no tea is used. Supposedly, doing this has many benefits to the body including teeth whitening, aiding in digestion, clearing the skin, assisting in weight loss... if nothing else, it is at least a great source of vitamin C! And having a slight cold this morning, it couldn't have hurt at all.

I've been more creative with the food today. You know, I love cooking! I've always loved cooking. I don't know why I never thought to cook for MYSELF! And I think that is making all the difference. For anyone who doesn't have one, cooking is hard to do with a baby, which is pushing my meal times back more than I'd like. This could also be why I was so "grab n go" before, which I still am... But THIS time, I'm grabbing carrots instead of pretzels. This weekend, I'm going to chop more veggies just so I have one less thing to do before I eat. I also may invest in more tupperware so I have proper veggie storage.

Today, I am more hungry than I was yesterday.

Tonight, I would really love to have my stove popped popcorn, with just a smidge of butter... you know, enough to make a sprinkling of salt stick.

Before this diet, my popcorn was the worst thing I ate at home during the week. However, I am committed to this program. I NEED to be successful.

And so, I will just continue sipping on my ice water. I may have some veggies while I watch "Switched At Birth". No, it isn't the same. I hope that this will get easier!