Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reset Day 6

So far, so good!

Not as energized as I would like to be, but this cold is totally kicking my butt right now. I've drank all of my water, and then some. I've eaten all of my veggies. Just waiting for 6pm so that I can eat dinner, and call it a day. I'm sooo zonked!

Nothing major to report today, except.... I visited my neighbor for a minute, she wanted to give me some hand cream. I stepped inside, and her husband was eating a burger and drinking a beer. I didn't even care! My mouth didn't water, my tummy didn't rumble!! Which is AMAZING for me!! :D
((The cold is helping in the "smelling" department. Chili for dinner, hoping to loosen some gunk up!))

I really don't want to eat dinner, but I know that I need to eat. I've just been ready for bed since I woke up.