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Monday, January 23, 2012

Phase 1, Day 1

Weighed in at 227. Measurements are still 43-42-46.

Did my first work-outs today! I did Kardio and Yoga Core. Very impressed with the effort I put in! Yeah, they were intense, but I was focused!!

Kardio ((which I was so sure would kick my butt!)) was a challenge, but not an unachievable one. Right as it got difficult to breathe, she had us "jog it out" and start something new. My exercise would've been better if Scott wasn't trying to use me as a jungle gym at the same time. They always want attention when you're busy! : )

Now the Yoga... Yoga was ROUGH! I did the best I could to make the poses, and focus on the muscles I was moving... Which is difficult when you're trying to watch the TV to see what to do. I was shaking! Most people who haven't done yoga just don't understand how INTENSE yoga is. The yoga was a lot more difficult for me than the kardio.

Eating-wise I did better today. No, I did not do great. I had a couple pretzels. I should probably just throw them away. I even made a spaghetti sauce out of low-sodium V8! It was GREAT! Loaded in vegetables even!

Energy-wise I feel FANTASTIC! I've had so much energy all day! I cleaned my whole entire kitchen, and even mopped the floor! Mentally, I've been more alert as well. I'm really loving working out!

I took a "detox bath". Baths, to me, are a waste of time. I even dry-brushed before hand. I'm not sure if I made my bath correctly... I didn't feel sick or lightheaded or an intense burn. My skin is much smoother though, and feels hydrated. That in itself makes it worth while!

Since I'm finally sitting, I can feel how stiff I will be tomorrow. The thighs are tight!

Tomorrow, I will be doing Strength Push and Athletic Abs. Totally ready to have more of me hurt!!!