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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Have A Cold...

I really don't feel well. All I want is fruit, and chicken soup... 2 things that I can't have :(

On the bright side, I lost another 4 pounds! I have 74 more to lose! ((I need to update my first post actually... When I weighed in, I weighed 232, not the 240 I thought I was))

I'm very pleased so far with my results. Every time I think it's hard, I just think about how well it's working!! And, it isn't that hard really. I'm learning more about portions, I feel great ((aside from being sick)), I have a lot of energy, and my mood has greatly improved!!!

I sort of feel like a "freak" case, because I'm not aware of anyone else who has lost as much as me in that short time.

I take a metabolism boosting multivitamin every day, along with Calcium, B12, and D3.

I also have a hyperactive thyroid. Which, totally works in my favor! :D