Saturday, January 14, 2012

Encouragement! (Day 5 recap, start of Day 6)

I'm going to start off this post by mentioning that there MAY be something wrong with my scale. Depending on if I stand or squat on it, my weight changes. Which confuses me. So I'm not sure what I weigh... Between 220, and 224 for sure! :D And my measurements? The inches are melting off like the butter I'm not allowed to eat!

Having a terrible cold, and feeling "snowed in", has left me kind of gloomy. I would really like soup and fruit ((my 2 go-to things when I'm sick)) But I have to wait 1 more week! I can't believe it, I'm halfway through the Reset!! Woohoo!!! (^^)

They say "everything happens for a reason". Being Christian, I believe this to be true, and I also find it necessary to report when things happen. Last night, I needed cigarettes. I DID NOT want to leave the house in all that snow. Steve insisted that I go and "get a break", and reminded me to "be strong" when it comes to all the tasty snacks in the Drive-Thru down the street. ((For those of you who don't live in Ohio, a Drive-Thru is a fancy garage with an array of beverages, beer, wine, alcohol, mixers, sometimes bait and tackle, ice, snacks, water, cigarettes... You never leave the car! It's the ultimate convenience store!))

It took 10 mins to thaw out my car. My doors were frozen shut!

When I get to the Drive-Thru, I ask her if she had any Perrier ((my sparkling water of choice: 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 sodium)), she said no, but looked at the kind she liked to see if there was any sodium in it. There was. She made a joke about my diet, "So no salt, no sugar, no fat, but lots of tobacco?!" I laughed. I told her what diet I'm on. I explained that my Dr. said the weight was worse than smoking at this point. She said that she understood. Her and her son have Celiac (sp) Disease, they can't have wheat. She said that everything gets a bit easier every day... That what we eat is like a uniform... You wear the same uniform to work every day, and over time, you eat the same food every day... It becomes routine, you start to not think about it after a while.

She is SO right!

I also love the random messages of encouragement via Face Book from my friends and family. It's just nice to hear that I'm doing a good job, that I'm making the right choices, especially that they read my blog and ENJOY it, look forward to reading it! I never expected that. It means SO MUCH! And it always comes when my ego hurts lol! Which is when I need it.

On that note, I thought yesterday to myself how I don't give myself a lot of credit. How I'm always hard on myself, expect more out of myself. That isn't fair to me, to treat myself like that. And if I treat me like I'm lesser, other people may too. I need to be MY #1 fan, and #1 cheerleader! That's where the success comes from! So I'm working on encouraging myself, keeping myself going.

As Day 6 starts, a grocery trip is in order! I ate all my veggies!